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Minggu, 13 Januari 2013

Try to make a dark dark dark poem ;D

This is a poem.
There it is...
Crazy little monster
Tired of being ignored
Sick of loneliness
Hey crazy little monster
Do you think the world is creepy?
Do you afraid of your own shadow?
Do you scare of your roars?
Crazy little monster
Have you been alive
Alive like the tree beside the shallow pond
With the mud at the bottom
Crazy little monster
Listen it, listen to your deepest sound from the hideous soul
Tear it, tear your broken lame pathetic wings
See it, see your black night sky full of thousand star
Star that makes you feel so small, so cheap, so dark
Your hair as a pillow, stick at the blue grass below
Let your self glow
Dont hesitate to be alone
Alone is good
Even it is in hell or heaven
Crazy little monster
be proud.

*by E.A.M

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